Senate Chair

Joel Christensen
Classical Studies

Senate Administrator

David DeVore
Classical Studies

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Welcome to the Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the representative body of the faculty as a whole. The Senate may initiate discussion on any issue relevant to the educational and research missions of the university or the provisions of the Faculty Handbook, including but not limited to academic freedom; the rights, responsibilities, work schedule, salary and benefits of faculty members; university policies regarding faculty appointments, tenure, promotion, and dismissal; and university rules and regulations as they affect faculty.

Faculty Senate Statement on COVID-19 Crisis Management (posted 4.2.2020)

Incoming Senate Chair's Summer Message on Upcoming Faculty Meetings for the 2019-2020 Academic Year (posted 7.24.19)

Readings on Shared Governance - Assembled by Senate President 2015-2018 (posted 7.20.18)

Year End Letter from the Brandeis University Faculty Senate, May 10, 2019 

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