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‘Their Great Soul-Hungering Desire Was Freedom’

long8游戏Historian Abigail Cooper studies how African Americans living in Civil War-era refugee camps imagined — and constructed — their futures after slavery.

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The Darkness at the End of the Tunnel

Physicist Bjoern Penning and his lab collaborate on a state-of-the-art experiment a mile underground, to unlock the stubborn mysteries of dark matter.

Brandeis and the Soul of American Political Activism

An insightful new book by emeritus professor Stephen J. Whitfield, PhD’72, details how Brandeis faculty members helped protect and advance liberalism in the U.S. from the late 1940s to the early ’70s.

Out and Proud On-Screen

Media portrayals of LGBTQ people play a major role in the public’s understanding of sexual minorities, says communications scholar Larry Gross ’64.

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