Revised Spring 2020 Academic Calendar

long8游戏April 13, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

The Committee on Academic Standards and Policy, after extensive discussion with the Deans, the Registrar, the Faculty Senate and students, has unanimously approved the attached new academic calendar for this spring semester. The overarching goal of these changes is to provide more time to students to finish course work for this semester in recognition of the significant disruption that has taken place due to the COVID-19 emergency. 

Key changes in the academic calendar for spring 2020 include:

  • After classes finish on Wednesday, April 29, there will be two MAKE-UP days on Thursday, April 30, and Friday, May 1.  These two days will provide an opportunity for additional office hours between faculty and students, review sessions and end-of-course reflective sessions, as well as time for students to complete coursework, projects, presentations and other assignments. Faculty should not use this time to require additional work or assignments from students.
  • Study Days will now be held on Monday, May 4, and Tuesday, May 5.
  • Final Exams will now be held two days later, beginning Wednesday, May 6, and continuing through Thursday, May 14.
  • All grades for May degree recipients are now due May 17, not May 10 as in the previously published calendar.
  • The official degree conferral date for May will now be May 24, not May 17.
  • When students have made the necessary administrative arrangements with faculty and academic offices to take an incomplete in a class, the due date for submission of the work has been extended from Monday, June 15, to Tuesday, June 30. 

long8游戏Your school deans, the registrar and academic advisors can provide more details on these changes and answer any further questions you may have on this.

Best regards,

Lisa M. Lynch

File attachments:

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